Style emulation 2: Ask-CyberpunkSpitfire
(( I love Syntactic’s art, and I am honored to attempt her style. This took a whole lot more planning than the last one, studied her style for about 5 hours before drawing.

I love this series, I’m learning a whole lot about the way others go about their own style. I was originally going to make it a comic, but this was insanely hard as is, so I’ll just keep it as this.

In case you’re wondering what’s going on, I outline it in this post! Also, be sure to check out Syntactic’s blog, Ask-CyberpunkSpitfire!))

(((This is honest-to-fate too amazing not to reblog! It is drop-dead-on-the-floor GORGEOUS. Gotta resign myself to the fact that maybe one day I’ll achieve such high levels of pure, unadulterated awesomeness.)))


Spitfire: Rainbow Dash! Pull yourself together!
Spitfire: As your commanding—
RD: What!?
RD: You still want me?

They’ll call me a fake…

(((Outlines drawn a month back, so they’re crap. Well! What can you do.)))


Cybernetic [Fan Art] by Akara-art

(((I didn’t mention it but I also adore how flowy her wings are! Plus the magic dripping from her right eye: such a wonderfully dark little detail. Again, thank you so much!)))


(((Yes, a (2-day-late) happy birthday to who requested some cuddling Rainbow Dust in the cybiverse because I don’t know why. Whatever. You got me to actually update this blog, so congratulations?

Also, nobody cares how much you dis/like your art, it’s an inspiration to someone out there. Not every piece of art you post has to be something to be proud of. If that were the case, this blog wouldn’t even exist. Uh scratch that.

If anyone actually reblogs this, please edit out these triple parentheticals because gods what a shipwreck of a mess it is. It’s midnight, okay? Strange things happen at the witching hour. (Also I just recieved a heartfelt letter from a friend that’s made me all emotional; stop judging me.))))

Hmmm…it seems Cybi just finished net diving.  What was she doing?

Surfing the internet?
Phishing for private information?

Or perhaps what she thought she’d do was she’d pretend she was one of those deaf-mutes, or would she?

((I’ve wanted to draw this sketch ever since I found your blog and your post about ponies having neural implants to bring out the full extent of their magic, and possibly other things as well, such as a wetware interface, maybe? ;) I also wanted to see how many of your followers get the reference this sketch makes.))

((I hope you can forgive me if I didn’t manage to do her justice, since I’m scared that I most likely didn’t.  Honestly, this is the first time I’ve ever tried to draw a pony head from that angle.  In fact, I think it’s probably the first time I’ve ever tried to draw any kind of head from that angle.  At least I finally managed to get this image out of my head and onto paper, which I’ve been wanting to do for months now.))


Ohmygosh two things. One: this is a pretty sweet sketch (trying out new angles is cool and everyone should do it) and such a neat connection.

Two: I’ve never actually… read/seen/watched Ghost in the Shell. I’m sorry. All I’ve ever heard of it was the name, back when I was doing some research on other cyberpunk works but skipped over this because anime/manga isn’t my thing, yet for some reason my immediate thought upon seeing this sketch and the words “get the reference” I knew it was Ghost in the Shell. Creepy huh? The name just kept echoing in the back of my, uh, cyberbrain (which I unfortunately lost, after I had future memories of looking up GitS to confirm my guess downloaded into my own brain, due to another random teleporation). True story.

I think this is a sign—a sign of two things: that you’d better keep drawing and letting your ideas pour out no matter how terrifying or wonderful the results, that I’d better get myself real acquainted with this intriguing series, and that it is laaate and I am rambling off-topic and I still owe you all cookies shaped like a certain cyberpunk Spitfire who has not shown up in eons—make that cybereons. Whatever.


Lampost 1, Hurricane 2

2UMBLR 2WO YEAR 2PECIAL 10/ben: Cyberpunk Spitfire

I’m far from the first person to talk about how fantastically, inimitably gorgeous Syn’s art is. There’s something about the splatters of colour, flurries of lines, the way foreground and background blend into this almost abstract mess of panel arrangement that just does what it wants, it’s just a rush to look at. Seriously, my pale imitation of it here does it no justice.

Thing is, the main reach of Cybi’s influence on my work is on projects that are pretty firmly WIP. So for now, here’s an augmented Hurricane.

This isn’t something I’d usually reblog but
Okay I just really wanted to. It’s actually pretty good! Thanks!


Regardless, thank you all very much! To celebrate both the one year anniversary of Cybi (last month, anyway) and the 3k thing, this is one of those art giveaway events!

  • both likes and reblogs count (but reblogs will hurt your chances of winning!! (I mean because more people’ll see this))
  • two winners
  • both winners receive a commission-like piece
  • ends sometime in January

Now for some misc information that will drag the word-count up and thus make reblogging all the more nauseating:

I’ll be going to Nevada* for a week from December 22 - 26 and staying at a friend’s house for her birthday on the 27th. I’m not taking my tablet with me as he’ll be far more comfortable at home. So basically—no updates until I don’t know 2014 perhaps?

When I get back, act one point five is FINALLY going to start. Also! There’ll be a couple more acts introduced at the same time: log(act) (Twilogs), act one (a continuation), sin(act) (animations maybe??), Σ (i=0) TO n OF act (recaps), and act 42 (concept art/worldbuilding).

Aaaand there’ll be some guest-written posts as well. As soon as I get plot-stuff settled and figured out. (Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten. I know it’s probably been months since I last mentioned this. Perhaps even a year. Time runs slower here. Like a loooot slower…)

I’m going to update the About page soon, but for now, check out the cute little descriptions of the crossover blogs! They kind of explain the existence of the factory and some time travel stuff too! Whoa.

One final thing! I might write a fanfic (collective gasp!) about the origins of this cyberpunk AU. Either a series of one-shots or a bigger thing. So people who (somehow) like my writi ahaha nope can’t type that with a straight face.

suggestion sunday!

Feel free to suggest things you’d like to see! Certain characters (no OCs; there are other ways), objects, ideas, etc.

Right now, I’m planning on adding that historical twist, and also detailing some world-building stuff like the rebellion, music, and propaganda.

And yes, there will be more Spitfire. The existence of act one point five is kind of her fault (you’ll see).


MOD: I made a little art with Tracy in your universe, spying on Cybi! I’ll make a proper thank you later! <3

((( Oh my goodness this is really beautiful just look at the colors what do you mean this isn’t the proper thank you!? I mean what a fine piece of art!! Like I honestly saw this about an hour ago and didn’t immediately post it because I was too busy imploding with squees and other inhuman gleeful screeches!

If you are not following this amazing blog by the time you finish reading this, then a portal will open beneath your feet/hooves/claws/etc. and you will be whisked away to the Cybiverse and forcibly ejected onto Twi’s doorstep just as she steamrolls out plastered in high-tech cyberware and dripping in argon and toting some kind of gargantuan nuclear weapon with a ridiculously complicated name just aching to be tested out on the first thing she sees. Which will probably be you. )))

« part 2/3 of <FILE: ESCAPE THE FACTORY> »

RUNRUNRUN. E S C A   P     E        .
the factory breathes.

and above ALL—

(((Oh my gosh what even Cybi got 80 new followers in the last week?? That’s really weird. So on the 20th or whatever Cybi’ll be a year old with like 2725 followers. Hm okay I should draw something special for that.)))